Terms and Conditions

Club Cullman Membership Terms and Conditions


  • Cullman Shooting Sports Club (Club Cullman) is a private membership club which is wholly owned by Arming Freedom, Inc d/b/a Cullman Shooting Sports. Acceptance for membership in Club Cullman does not confer on the holder any membership, rights, or ownership interest in Cullman Shooting Sports . Club Cullman facilities are available for use by all Club Cullman Members, Guests of Members, private citi-zen groups and by the general public. Cullman Shooting Sports’ Memberships are available to provide preferred access, discounts for merchandise, services and facility use, and other benefits to Club Cullman Members. Club Cullman Membership is subject to the Membership Terms and Conditions stated herein. Membership will be granted, and may be revoked, at the sole discretion of Cullman Shooting Sports.
  •  As part of the consideration for Membership, the Member hereby agrees to remain a Member and pay the Monthly Membership Dues for a period of not less than one (1) year from the date of this Agreement. Cullman Shooting Sports is entitled to recover its costs, including reasonable attorneys' fees, incurred in collecting sums due to Cullman Shooting Sports under this or any other Membership provision or other-wise. A cancellation fee of $100 dollars or the balance of the contract, whichever is less, will be assessed to the member if cancellation is required within the first twelve (12) months of this agreement.
  •  All Memberships are subject to payment of a one-time non-refundable Initiation Fee and timely payment of Monthly Membership dues. The Initiation Fee and Monthly Membership dues for each level of Membership vary based on the level of Membership purchased, special Club Cullman promotions and Membership availability. Membership dues and benefits may be reviewed and adjusted by Cullman Shooting Sports at any time.
  •  Members may select one of the following methods of payment for their Monthly Membership dues: automatic monthly credit/debit payment from a VISA, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover Cards. A $20 fee will be assessed for any automatic debit that is rejected for insufficient funds or any failed credit charge.
  • All Members, Guests, and other Club Cullman facility users must follow all Cullman Shooting Sports Safety Standards and Range Rules, and must read, and agree to the terms of the Cullman Shooting Sports Waiver Of Liability, Release Of Claims, and Agreement To Hold Harmless, Defend, And Indemnify which is incorporated by reference into the Club Cullman Terms and Conditions of Membership. All first-time Members, Guests, and other Cullman Shooting Sports facility users also must participate in the Cullman Shooting Sports range orientation and watch the Cullman Shooting Sports safety presentation before shooting at the range.
  • All Guests must be accompanied by a Member to be admitted to the firing line. Members are responsible for all actions taken by their Guests and will hold Cullman Shooting Sports harmless for property damage, accidents and injuries to or caused by Guests.
  • All Members and Guests are subject to the general policies and rules of operation and administration of Club Cullman, all of which are intended to provide a safe, professional, friendly and family-oriented club.
  • Any Member or Guest of a Member may be suspended or expelled from the range and/or facility for violation of the Range Rules or for behavior deemed unsafe by Cullman Shooting Sports Club personnel. Decisions of Cullman Shooting Sports Club regarding suspension or expulsion are final.
  • Club Cullman may terminate a Membership unilaterally if, in Cullman Shooting Sports’ sole discretion, a Member’s conduct presents a safety hazard to the Member or to any other user or Cullman Shooting Sports employee or to Cullman Shooting Sports facilities. In no event will there be any refund of any Monthly Membership dues paid and of Initiation Fee.
  • After the first year of Membership, Membership shall be considered "abandoned" and will be terminated for non-payment of the Monthly Membership dues for two consecutive months. Where Membership is abandoned, there is no refund of any portion of the Initiation Fee or Monthly Membership dues.
  • If a Member or a Member's Guest causes any damage to Cullman Shooting Sports property, whether accidental, negligent, willful or otherwise, the Member (and the Member’s guest) will be removed from the range and/or facility, and suspended or terminated from Membership. The individual responsible for the damage may be civilly liable or criminally prosecuted. Cullman Shooting Sports reserve the right to charge the Member the costs for any such damage, regardless of whether the damage is caused by the Member or the Member's Guest. Should court action be required to collect the damages, the Member will also be liable for Cullman Shooting Sports attorneys fees.
  • All Club Cullman Members will be photographed for Cullman Shooting Sports records and identification, and all Members must pre-sent their Club Cullman Identification cards whenever they use Cullman Shooting Sports facilities. All guests must present a photo ID before using Club Cullman facilities
  • Club Cullman Membership may not be transferred or sold.



593 AL Highway 69 N, Cullman, AL 35055 PHONE: (256)736-9950 OPEN M, W - F: 10AM - 6PM SAT: 9AM - 7PM SUN: 1PM - 6PM